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Husband loved it
- 02/10/2019
What a great gift, John loved it and it now rests on his bookshelf!
Nice Replica
- 01/18/1995
Made a great birthday present for my uncle. Good value for price.
Great Gift
- 02/15/2001
Really great Falcon and service
Dreams really are made of these
- 01/16/2010
Always wanted one, bought this one for myself and I could not be happier. Fast and safe shipping. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for here.
- 03/12/2012
Made it to the UK in record time. The Haunted Studios' is the ONLY Maltese Falcon this side of Bogie.
I love my falcon
- 07/12/2013
This is the Christmas gift that I bought for myself!
Love it!
- 06/13/2017
I absolutely love it! It is fantastic and I feel I have the real one!
The Dingus
- 04/09/2019
Shipped way faster than estimated, 1941 Falcon is amazing and exactly as described!
best falcon
- 04/10/2018
quick shipment, item arrived well packaged and as described - haunted studios is the only source for the 1941 falcon - get it with lead filling for a real treat!
Absolutely amazing. The figure is the exact height
- 02/17/2016
Absolutely amazing. The figure is the exact height, weight, color and art of the original bird. It was cast, probably from the 1941 prop. I know the movie well and the thing is the real deal. Indestructable, barring nuclear holocaust. I recommend it to anyone interested in vintage movie memorabilia, The Maltese Falcon film, or Dashiell Hammett's iconic novel. It is very heavy, though, so be careful where you display it. The price is steep, but it will last more than several lifetimes.
- 06/04/2018
This came in the Sea Bag burlap sack, stamped with the name of the La Paloma, and with a tag for delivery to Sam Spade, San Francisco. Opening it, it was further wrapped in twine and - nice touch - Chinese newspaper, just like the movie. I know, because we had to watch that scene to prepare for the ceremonial unwrapping. Thanks to Haunted Studios for making this an experience and not just a delivery. The bird itself weighs ton, and looks and feels exceptionally well-made, and matches the movie prop nearly perfectly.....with a magnifying glass and some patience, you could spot a difference, but even on close comparison to a photo still from the film, this is pretty much a dead ringer. Even Kasper Gutman couldn't tell 'em apart. I don't see any buyer's remorse in my future. Well worth the premium price for a conversation piece that I've wanted for decades.
The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
- 05/17/2017
A wedding anniversary present to my husband. The Maltese Falcon is one of our "desert island" movies (one of the 10 that we'd have to have if we ever got put on a desert island :)). I opted for the lead filled version, and probably should not have...it's HEAVY. That said, he and I LOVE IT!
He's wanted one of these for years and on our 40th, I gave him "the stuff that dreams are made of...." because He Is....
Most accurate replica out there.
- 01/05/2018
Probably the most accurate replica of The Black Bird I have found in comparing it to a large photo of it. One I found on Amazon looked nice but had the tail all wrong. This one had it spot on. Very happy with it in my man cave. Well done
"The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of"
- 05/04/2017
If you love the movie you will love this replica of the Maltese Falcon... it's identical to the one Humphrey Bogart is holding in the movie!
Everything you could hope for and more
- 11/08/2014
Bought this for my father and he went nuts. I went for the 20 pound version and it blew dad away when he opened it. Just like the movie, it made the best gift ever.
I have them all
- 09/01/2015
I have just about every Falcon replica made and this one kicks them all to the curb. Great deal and these guys have been around forever.
This Is The Dingus
- 09/01/2019
The communication from Haunted Studios is superb. I had a question and got two replies in the space of a couple of hours.
The Falcon itself is amazing. It looks exactly like the black bird in the movie. (I stopped the film and examined it frame by frame as Guttman opens the package to compare)
Add to that the evocative packaging - the burlap bag, the newspaper packing and twine.
"The stuff that Dreams are made of "
- 03/30/2020
My 20 pound 1941 Maltese Falcon is marvelous and I can't wait to show it to my friends, so that when they ask me "What is it ?", I can reply "The stuff that dreams are made of."

Haunted Studios craftsmanship was even better than I'd hoped for. Communication with Jim was excellent. When I told him that the lettering on my La Paloma bag was difficult to read, he sent me a new one ASAP.

I would definitely recommend Haunted Studios to anyone interested in buying one of these Maltese Falcon Reproductions !
Beautiful! Exceeded expectations!
- 06/18/2020
Received my falcon today and I'm positively in love with it!

Quality is A+
Craftsmanship is A+

This is one bad bird! He's solid, detailed, and super screen accurate.

If you're a fan of the film, or just movie props in general - this is the statue for you.

Could not recommend higher more enthusiastically!
1941 Maltese Falcon
- 08/20/2020
I received my falcon yesterday. With standard packaging the bird was incredibly secure. Unpacking was a real trick!
The falcon itself is beautiful and the details are very accurate. At 20 lbs., it's very substantial.
I was torn between the "Real" (full-feathered) falcon and the 1941 replica. The replica I chose is perfect, just as it appears in the film. I'm very happy with my purchase.
The stuff my hubby's dreams are made of!
- 10/17/2020
This is one gorgeous bird!!! Extremely well-packed for shipping, it arrived in perfect condition!! It was a bday gift for my husband and he was so thrilled!! He hugged it like a baby! LOL!! And I must add that the folks that work for this company are so sweet and helpful!! Terrific communication!! I'll be back!!!
- 02/14/2021
Outstanding customer service.

An outstanding replica.
Wow. Truly is the stuff dreams are made of
- 06/02/2021
My falcon arrived today. I got the 25lb version. Be very careful as this is heavy. Looks exactly like the 1941 movie. I have it proudly displayed in my man cave
Very satisfied
- 09/06/2023
Extremely well packed. Product exceeded expectations.
- 09/06/2023
Incredible falcon, high quality and accurate. Packaged and wrapped up heavily so no breaks or damage.

Black paint was a little tacky to the touch, but probably due to the heat outside. Perfecto now.
This is beautiful
- 09/06/2023
Wow! The Falcon is perfect! VERY well packed. I was a little surprised that it actually WAS encrusted with precious jewels.

Did you send me the real Falcon by mistake? Shhhhh. Don’t tell anybody… Thanks! I have wanted a screen accurate Falcon for a long time.
- 09/06/2023
Never has an object been so well packed! Our son managed his PhD studies watching the Maltese Falcon over and over to handle the stress.

Recently, he remarked he knows the entire script, just needs the Falcon for ambience. Fathers Day you will deliver a Falcon.
Screen accurate
- 02/15/2001
Good quality screen accurate replica

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